media & corporate

I started my writing praxis during school, jumped into journalism and built a freelance journalist and writers career during the past 20 years. I enjoyed writing for international companies in the raw materials sector as much as writing about ecological agriculture and gender issues in medical education. What makes my tick to jump from one […]


teaching (selected) Media Epistemology and PhilosophyInterdisciplinary master seminar about epistemology of art and media. University of Applied Sciences OWL, Detmold, Germany, Oct 2023 – Feb 2024 Impact of digital lifestyle on mental health and planetary health. Presentation about the impact of electronic waste on (mental) health, connected to my research results at 7479c. Guest Lecture […]

sustainable future

Caring about the health and well-being of our planet, I put my research and knowledge about the raw materials sector in my project 7479c about electronic waste. For further information please access


My PhD focuses on narratives and metaphors in economics and their role for media and society. From 2021 till today I work as a senior research assistant in the field of higher education. From 2021 till today I work as a senior research assistant in the field of higher education and teach in the field […]

published works

ORCID Google Scholar ResearchGate publications Schmulius, N. & Schmohl, T. (2023, in Rev). Closing the gap: Situiertes Lernen zwischen Hochschulbildung des 21. Jahrhunderts und Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung (BNE). In Maurer, B., Rieckmann, M. & Schluchter, J.R. (Eds.). Medien – Bildung – nachhaltige Entwicklung. Inter- und transdisziplinäre Diskurse, Beltz-Juventa. Schmohl, T., Schmulius, N., Bröker, T. […]