I started my writing praxis during school, jumped into journalism and built a freelance journalist and writers career during the past 20 years. I enjoyed writing for international companies in the raw materials sector as much as writing about ecological agriculture and gender issues in medical education.

What makes my tick to jump from one topic to another? I love to dive into the complexity of our world and to connect the dots. This always shaped my perception of our reality and sharped my critical thinking.

selected works, you can read online

Organic agriculture as solution for climate crisis (German, English version available by registration for the newsletter), TÜV Nord, 2022, feat. the work of IFOAM-Organics International and Ackerpulco Farm

Gender (in)equality in medicine (German): Reich der weißen Götter. Die Medizin ist bis heute von männlichem Denken beherrscht. Neues Deutschland, Nov 2020

Gender (in)equality in everyday life (German): „Macht es endlich attraktiv, Hausmann zu sein!“. Transform Magazin, May 2019

Interviews and content about blockchain for document exchange, Ferrari electronics, 2019