Before I started working in science full-time in autumn 2022, I have mainly worked in Media and Corporate Communications for various industries. I worked as a Head of Content at an international company for engineering and consulting, as a freelance Writer and Editorial Director for Creative Agencies in Berlin and Munich, and PR Professional and Graphic Designer at an Institution for Adult Learning and Continuing Education (Volkshochschule). During that time I also published in journalism.

selected works, you can read online

Organic agriculture as solution for climate crisis (German, English version available by registration for the newsletter), TÜV Nord, 2022, feat. the work of IFOAM-Organics International and Ackerpulco Farm

Gender (in)equality in medicine (German): Reich der weißen Götter. Die Medizin ist bis heute von männlichem Denken beherrscht. Neues Deutschland, Nov 2020

Gender (in)equality in everyday life (German): „Macht es endlich attraktiv, Hausmann zu sein!“. Transform Magazin, May 2019

Interviews and content about blockchain for document exchange, Ferrari electronics, 2019

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